Lloyd Peace

A septuagenarian with a ceaseless zest for life, Lloyd Peace is a unique blend of educator, entrepreneur, and eternal student. Originally from Washington D.C., Lloyd ventured to Tokyo, Japan, in 2013, embarking on a new chapter alongside his son with the launch of their business venture in 2021.

Armed with a Master’s Degree in Social Work and a rich career spanning over three decades in telecommunications at AT&T, Lloyd specializes in English communication, presentation skills, and business development. His prestigious clientele, including the US military, speaks to his expertise in secure video conferencing and business acumen honed during his tenure at AT&T and subsequent experience as a day trader.

At the heart of Lloyd’s ethos is a commitment to inspiring and empowering others. This commitment manifests in his role as an English teacher, editor, and consultant in Tokyo. Beyond his professional endeavors, he is an avid learner, regularly engaging in podcasts, Toastmasters, and an international think tank. A proponent of Eastern philosophies and wellness practices, he introduces a unique concept of “Charenergy” – a synergetic blend of charisma and energy that fuels his optimistic and youthful approach to life.

Lloyd is not just bridging generational, cultural, and digital divides but is also keen on sharing his vision and experience with a wider audience. He welcomes opportunities to collaborate, inspire, and engage with like-minded individuals and organizations.

When you get to be my age – a septuagenarian, let’s leave it at that – it would seem normal to want to slow down and settle into retirement. But that’s not for me. In many ways, I feel like I’m just getting started. And I suppose I am. Originally from Washington D.C., I came to Japan in 2013. In 2015, I established Lloyd Peace Consulting, to create specialized programs and curricula to enable clients to achieve their communication and business goals.

My son, Thom Peace moved to Tokyo in 2004. Together, we have started and operate several ventures here in Japan including: 
Peace Works Japan
Aoyama Professionals
DC English

I work with adults as an English teacher, editor, and consultant. My expertise lies in English communication and presentation skills. I’m also a business development specialist with an extensive background in audio/video conferencing.

With a Master’s Degree in Social Work, I’m primed for helping people. What I really like is to inspire and motivate people. Because of my past professional experiences in telecommunications at AT&T (and its spin-offs) for three decades, one of my big-ticket clients was the US military, selling secure video conferencing in the Pentagon. Thanks to that, as well as becoming a day trader following my AT&T days, I’ve got an
extensive list of contacts.

Every day I’m 50 percent teacher and 50 percent student, actively engaging in the
learning process all the time. I listen to podcasts, am an active member/participant at
Toastmasters, and am involved in an international think tank here in Tokyo. I’m also a
proponent of Eastern thought, Eastern healing/wellness practices, vitamin
supplements, and something I call “Charenergy” – charisma and energy.

An optimist with a youthful approach to living, I welcome the opportunity to involve
you in my vision to bridge the generational, cultural, and digital divides. Get in touch
and let’s make that happen: lloyd@peaceworksjapan.com

An American living in Japan since 2013, I work with adults as an English teacher, editor, and consultant. My expertise lies in English communication and presentation skills. I’m also a business development specialist with an extensive background in audio/video conferencing. A septuagenarian, my first career was with AT&T (and its spin-offs) for three decades. I later worked as a day trader.



私の息子であるThom Peaceは、2004年に東京に移り住みました。2021年には、ここ東京で新しいビジネスを一緒に始めました。青山プロフェッショナル



サプリメント、そして私が “チャーエナジー “と呼んでいるもの、つまりカリスマ性とエネルギーの提唱者でもあります。




“We are dedicated to professional and personal development”

After working in the education and other industries in the USA and Japan for more than 40 years, Lloyd Peace decided gather his partners to apply their experiences in both business and communication training to assist customers to achieve their goals and objectives.

Establishing Peace Works Japan is a way for them to work together and with other talented professionals to create workshops and programs to accomplish their shared vision of developing human capital and bridging divides.



Peace Works Japanは、他の有能なプロフェッショナルと共に、人材開発をし個人を目標へと導くという共通のビジョンを達成するためのワークショップとプログラムを作り出すために設立されました。


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Q & A

Q. When did promoting professional development and international exchange become your mission?

A.When I was 20 years old, I traveled abroad for the first time. My time in Europe gave me new perspective about the world and myself. I committed myself to setting and achieving international goals and gave me the passion to help others do the same.

Q. How did you get started in the MBA application preparation field?

A. In 2005, I met Osamu Kinoshita with Future Education Center. I shared with him my background and passion for international exchange and professional development. From then, we collaborated for many years to support MBA applicants to achieve their goals.

Q. How can I contact you by Skype?

A. Send a request to add “thompeace” to your contact list. I will accept your request and we can then send text messages and voice/video talk.